Thanks for this new day in peace.
You fill me with gratitude and vitality.
Gratitude for another day to succeed.
Gratitude for feeling the air in my lungs and the pulse in my body.

Gratitude for life.

Gratitude and genuine appreciation is included in who I am.
Thank you for who I am, for everything that has been given to me and for all that I have.
I welcome gratitude in my heart.
Today I choose gratitude as my attitude.
Thank you for this day's miracles.

You who have given so much to me, please also fill my heart with gratitude.

Humans are naturally cooperative
Humans are naturally generous
Humans are naturally gracious
Humans are naturally sociable
Humans are naturally realistic
Humans are naturally truthful
Humans are naturally helpful
Humans are naturally caring
Humans are naturally loving
Humans are naturally kind

We each have reason to think with deep gratitude about all who enlighten the joy within.

It is a blessing to give thanks before each activity and to appreciate the wealth we all have in the present.

We blissfully return thanks and have gratitude flowing extensively.

Let us be thankful to all who bring us happiness, like charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. All humans are wise to rejoice for the blessings we have.

We simply refresh our humane spirit, when consciously giving thanks each day for the affluence that exists in life. We align with emotion in the eternal law, that the more we are thankful for, the more is given to thank for.

We can be said to be alive in all moments, when we are conscious about our treasures. To live truthfully, as everything is a miracle. Recurring acknowledgement, for all which is flowing accurately in existence, is liberating.

We keep finding what is good in every situation and discover that life is filled with gratitude, our naturally soul nurturing attitude. We can live gracefully for the liberty and for the great benefits in our loving nature, our humane being, life, health, and reason, to look upon ourselves as blessed.

We have truly received life as a blessing.

With full awareness that our success is due, in large measure, to the loyalty, helpfulness, and encouragement we receive through each other, our motivation shines to expand such generosity. Gratitude awaken humans to prove ourselves worthy of what has been done for us. It's such a joy to pause every now and then and appreciate all that we have, on every level. We need to count our blessings, and appreciate the simple goods. We give thanks for all, allow ourselves to enjoy satisfying needs, and relish on the prosperity we really have.

We humans have this great capacity to appreciate, again and again, freshly and genuinely, the basic goods in life, with awe, pleasure, wonder and blissful gratitude. Consciously cultivating this capacity is what brings gratitude to radiate happiness. When we give thanks for the little, is when we find much to give thanks for. There is happiness in every moment we express gratitude.

Happiness is the wholesome experience to live every moment with truth, love, fairness, wise presence and peaceful grace.

As each day comes to me refreshed and anew, so is my gratitude shining continuously. The sun rising over the horizon, dawning upon our blessed Earth, fills my heart with gratitude.

The moments we allow close attention to everything, we experience this awesome and magnificently inspiring beauty.

There is a natural calmness to life lived in gratitude, a blissfully and silent joy.

Everything originating in divine will for the good, which is true love directed at you.

It is such a joy to be able to give generously and to receive gracefully.

Assign appreciation upon our present blessings, of which every human has plenty.

There is reason to celebrate in each moment for all that we have.

We have reason to dance, to sing fully, like the birds at springtime, to love like rivers are flowing and live in the truth that we have blessings beyond measure.

We have reason to speak truthfully and genuinely in all that we say, cheerfully wanting what we need and truly needing all that we want.

Everything is progressing for the highest good. I am in safety.

As our thinking aligns with divine will, the effects follow along.

I have good reason to trust. I have healthy sexual thoughts and sexuality. My sexual thinking is themed around healing, sacred union, enjoyment, pleasantness, loving warmth, intimacy, pleasure, life, sensuality, vital energy and deep presence.

Intimacy promotes healthy functioning in the body by the involved hormones that have a range of health benefits.

Sex brings great feelings, balances our mood, keeps us fit, improves brain power, social ability and longevity.

Healthy sexual intimacy balances hormonal cycles, cell functioning and strengthens our vitality.

Life is amazing with healthy, healing, sexual intimacy.

It is safe to live in truth.

In truth we are set free.

I trust the life process.

As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.

I am guided and protected at all times.

I am deeply fulfilled in all that I do.

We are all family, and Earth is our home.

I prosper wherever I turn and welcome miracles into my experience.

I enjoy luck and and globally favorable outcomes.

Whatever I need to know is revealed to me appropriately.

I am loved, and I am in peaceful serenity.

Happy thoughts help renew my healthy body.

Alive, alert, awake and gracefully enthusiastic, we enjoy living.

Life supports all in every possible way.

My days are blooming with gratitude.

Only good can come to me as I am beautiful, and everyone loves me.

Everyone I encounter today has our best interest at heart.

My mind is continuously flowing with pleasant thoughts.

I am pleased in this body and care for my health.

I joyfully devote some time to helping others, which is good for my health.

I am greeted with love wherever I go.

I am satisfied and completely in sync with life. I am welcome everywhere.

I am very thankful for all the love in life, as I'm finding joy everywhere.

I willingly give others the blessings that comes with helping, by asking for help when I need it.

I expect the best as we all rise by the possibilities given today.

I attract healthy relationships and I am always treated pleasantly.

I am in sacred union with life and Humanity as we are in love with nature, the Earth and our creator.

Today, I choose the tranquil serenity to be in blissful peace.

I am safe in reality and all life is lovingly supportive as I continuously adapt all my dreams and goals in alignment with what is best for all.

I experience love wherever I go.

I willingly improve, to see the true beauty in each and talk with the humane in every human.

I choose to see with clarity, that I may receive blessings and liberty.

Loving each other is instinctively easy, as this is our human nature.

I am in awe for the basics in life such as relief, liberty, valiance, gratitude, love, and Humanity.

The more peace we have inside, the more peace we have to enjoy together.

Each day is a sacred award worth celebrating with cheerful grace.

I enjoy life and live fully while welcoming the future with curiosity.

I relieve everyone and am released into love.

I live with gratitude for all I have, need and wish for.

Gratitude is an excellent invitation to happiness, thank you.

I enjoy the foods that are best for the human body.

Our life gets better all the time.

I am always safe to love and to speak the truth.

I live in the paradise of the creation which is guided by your loving will.

Perfect health is your divine gift, which I accept now.

Yahoo! Thank you for everything!

I fully embrace generosity, I always speak loving words.

Love extends through my body, healing me into ease.

Thank you for my healthy body.

I am living a blissful journey and I love you, I really love you.

Our well-being is continuously flowing.

My healing is always in process.

I live in eternal love, purity, light and joy.

I am lovable in each moment and I am given all that is good.

It is now safe for me to liberally move into love.

Love is all there is, as reality is loving.

I am applying myself to healthy improvement.

My living easily improves every day.

Today I am at ease in loving peace as loving and accepting is easy.

I have the perfect living space and I have kind intentions for all.

I trust Yahoo way to help me see the good in everything and in everyone.

I love my family members as they are.

I support everyone's improvement.

There is plenty for everyone, life is a wealthy experience and we thrive here on Earth.

We bless and prosper with each other.

I love and approve of myself and I awaken happily with gratitude every day.

Each day I live filled with joy and love.

I live every moment with enthusiasm.

Everything I do is healthy and enjoyable.

Everyone sees the awe, gratitude, joy and love I have for life and our creator.

All my relationships are healthy and filled with love.

I have faith in all humans trying our best.

I see opportunity to be kind and caring wherever I look.

I easily accomplish goals as they are all in alignment with the most worthy ideal for all.

I only desire that which is healthy for me and beneficial for the greatest good.

My thoughts and feelings are nourishing.

I exist with presence in every moment to see beauty wherever I look.

I am with peaceful humans and we treat each other with kindness.

My environment is calm, nurturing and supportive.

I love everything about my body, with gratitude for how efficiently my body works.

I accept my body's shape and always choose to eat healthy, wholesome and nourishing foods.

I take care of my body and exercise sensibly every day.

My body is filled with healing energy in every breath.

I like the taste of fruits and vegetables.

I enjoy superb health and excellent posture.

I am filled with peace when I look in the mirror.

I greet each moment in life with enthusiasm.

Thank you for the life force and energy that flows through my body.

I contribute to the wealth in life.

Everything I think, say and do is healthy and in alignment with true love.

I feel safe and comfortable in my body.

I am safe in reality, I radiate love and I am loved.

I am loving and lovable because I am human.

My loving partnership is healthy, ever-lasting and truthful.

Our togetherness is fair, kind, sensual, healthy and understanding.

We find each other sexy with deep attraction towards each other.

We share a living filled with love.

Life is filled with love and we find it everywhere we are.

Our relationship is sacred, and we are perfect for each other.

We have a deep understanding together.

It is natural for us to speak lovingly with each other.

We have continuous desire for each other, as we consciously see with clarity, love, enjoyment, devotion and great appreciation that we desire each other.

Our desire motivates improvement.

Strong, healthy desire is our human nature to see and love the beauty in each other.

Inspired with love, we want each other and give freely.

We please, lift, benefit, satisfy and passionately love to give.

We healthfully want each other for who we are in our wholeness, which strengthens our spirit. We see one another for how we truly are and are naturally moved to freely support each other in our entirety for the greatest good.

My heart is free to cheerfully make happiness for others. We are moved to improve activities which bring joy, delight, pleasure, relief, comfort, healing and life.

Every day is filled with love.

All communication between my partner and I is loving and kind.

We love and desire each other.

Everything about me is lovable and worth love.

I am with my soulmate because I am a human who merits true love.

We wake up every morning filled with joy, because we have gratitude for each day with the love we live in together.

All of our relationships are healthy because we are in true, wise and fair love.

My words are always kind and loving, and in return, I hear kindness and love from others.

My good health is your divine will. I open up to receive all your healing energy.
I know that every cell in my body has intelligence and knows how to heal.
I accept healing and good health here and now.
My body is always working for health.

I learn about nutrition and feed my body only wholesome foods.
I watch my thinking and think only healthy thoughts.
I flood the cells in my body with love.
I fully love my body.

As I work in union with nature, lovingly caring for the living soil to thrive, planting, harvesting, and nurturing, I truly feel in tune with the divine, the planet, the seasons, the weather and the soil.
I feel in love with life, Humanity, the lush vegetation, and each and every being.
By your blessed guidance, we can naturally bring a section of Earth into rich loam, nurturing life in many forms.

Just as we cultivate the Earth, we cultivate our minds and bodies to produce thriving, healthy living.
One of the essentials to good health is to provide quality nutrition for our bodies in the food we eat.
The cells in our bodies are living, and need living food.
Life has already provided us with everything we need to feed ourselves and to remain healthy.

We eat humanely, as we are human.

A friend is someone who knows all about you, who loves you and with whom you can think out loud.

A friend is someone you want to be around when you feel like being alone.

A friend is someone who makes it easy to believe.

Life is a pleasant journey with friends to hold.

Connect with humans who make you happy:
Humans who promote peace and who help you when you are in need.
Humans who genuinely care are worth keeping in life.

There's a special place in my heart for the ones who loved me at my lowest and still love me.

We were just there together and that was enough.

All that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.

Things that matter are easy.
Feeling happiness is easy.
Happiness is easy.
Love is easy.
Joy is easy.
Speaking truthfully is easy.
Being friends is easy.

Seek the ones who always keep caring and help you come back to yourself.

The humans who truly matter in life will always support your efforts to improve, encouraging and motivating you. Friends understand that we are living to be beneficial for life and will strengthen each other for it; because at the end of the day, improving for common wealth is what we always need to be engaged in.

True friendship and trust are two of the greatest presents that we can give.
Cherish and treasure intelligent companions.

Notice all the people who make an effort to stay in your life.

We belong here as we consciously try to fit into life as humans.
We continuously attempt to fit the role of a good friend that lends emotional support, to position ourselves well.

Connect with people who remind you of what you truly are.

Self-awareness is a sacred duty.

Fortune and Love favor the brave.
Bravery is telling the Truth.
To tell the Truth, you must first know Truth.
Truth is always welcoming.
That is the Truth.

The only remedy to Love is more Love.

Love creates Intelligence.
Intelligence is knowing Truth.
Justice is sharing Truth.

Humanity is Truth.
We are in Love.
We are Life.

In contemplating the Earth's beauty, we gain strength that endures along with life.

Nature's peace flows through Humanity as sunshine flows into the meadows.

Nature's pace is patience, being useful for humans to whom it is easy to do good.

Look at the sky, the clouds, the mountains, the oceans, the seas, the landscapes, the forests, the flowers and the fruits.

Each day we are given a sunrise and a sunset, so precious to witness.

Set aim to always align the rhythm of our hearts with the heartbeat of the wild and remember what it means to be truly human.

This Earth, which laughs in flowers, is a beautiful place to be human as our creator paints it's surface with life.

Our loving creator says "Just plant the seeds and I'll make the trees."

Nature gives in abundance, so through nature, when we plant happiness, health, joy and love; it always multiplies in abundance.

I believe in a bright future for Humanity, because we can be touched by grace in every moment.

In our souls shines a wish, the natural instinct to care for life on this Earth, which we have been given as home.

Every morning extends a cheerful invitation to make our living of equal simplicity and innocence as nature.

We each have the ability to love powerfully, to uplift, feed, strengthen and care for each other.

Humans feel a profound care, tender regard and real devotion toward each other.

Our conscience guides us with satisfaction when we live well and beautifully, with joy and goodness.

Humans are naturally filled with beautiful feelings, affection, admiration and loving responses to all life.
When we see beauty in someone, we are moved to share appreciation.
Our loving emotions nourish, bring energy and life.

Always and ever, our divine parent is with you, wanting your happiness, responding to you. Knowing our thoughts, our feelings, our every single moment and directs love at you. Divine companionship is the reality.

“It came to me! It dawned on me!”

Understanding is always available, as we earnestly seek truth.

Through loving each other generously we enjoy wonderful relations.

Genuinely caring humans attract and fulfill in love.

Love gives life meaning. In loving we find fulfillment, because through loving we think, feel, give, and make good choices for the highest benefit, for all.

I love the sunshine caressing the Earth, the moonlight kissing the sea, and I really do love each moment when you are with me.

Walk beside me and be my friend.

Agapee / Universal love / Humanity
The free love that is always giving, which we are born into. Radiating love that heals and spreads. With devoted, total commitment to seek the best in every moment. This divine love is completely humane and continuously flowing. Agapee is the natural response to the existence of all.
Human beings are born to care and to thrive with many.
When love is allowed to fully and freely respond to life, it is agapee.

Friendly love

Family love

Passionate love

Purpose and Faith

Cleanliness and Purity

Health and Clarity

Nature and Insight

Prudence and Vision

Activity and Flow

Strength and Stamina

Truth and Fairness

Virtue and Valiance

Life and Goodness

Happiness and Bliss

Nutrition and Longevity

Serenity and Joy

Nurture and Vitality

Presence and Wakefulness

Awareness and Sensibility

Honesty and Integrity

Generosity and Gratitude

Kindness and Mercy

Innocence and Liberation

Cooperation and Stability

Beauty and Gentleness

Peace and Forgiveness

Care and Charity

Trust and Ease

You always remember these moments where you entered the human state of aliveness and awareness.
It is a process where we enter a continuously easier wakefulness.
Humans talk of moments when the usual experience is true.
You're seeing it and you completely know.
The ultimate aliveness which we all love.
You have such moments in your memories.
That miraculously beautiful experience.

You give eternal love, eternal grace, truth, everlasting peace, eternal joy, saving faith, comfort, strength, intelligence, hope, patience, kindness, honor, glory, virtue, security, eternal life, forgiveness, reconciliation, liberation, and so much more.
Thank you.

Grant that I and my spouse are safely guided in true love and wise understanding together.
Grant that we may all be filled with faith in trust.
Grant safety for all and clearly guide each by your loving will.
Help us to forgive and grant us patience, kindness, cheerfulness and the spirit of placing the well-being in togetherness first.
May we always nurture our love through each other's strengths and by your divine guidance.
May the love that brought us together grow and mature with each passing moment.
Give us the virtues to heal into wise justice, true love and superb health.
Bring us both ever closer to your purity, through our love with each other.
Give us the grace to live intimately together in living bliss and harmony.
Let our love radiate safely, freely and with ease, in happiness, beauty and peace.

By the love and truth that comes from Yahweh we give this prayer for Humanity.

We dwell in the midst of eternal bliss.
The affluence of Yahweh is our eternal source.
The river of life keeps on flowing into eternity.
It flows through our being into lavish expression.
Yahweh works in a myriad of ways to bless our love.
Blessings come through us by all sorts of avenues.
We have opened our relation to receive true love.
We are blessed with beneficial opportunities.
It is being made true by divine will.
We find safety and gratitude with your love as our source.
By the power of our faith, coupled with purposeful will and deeply rooted rapport with Yahweh our future is created and affluence made manifest.
We ask and accept to be guided into truth.
From this day forward, we give freely and joyfully into life as life gives generously with magnificent increase.
Blessings come in surprising and also expected ways.
Yahweh provides for all in wondrous ways.
We wish the same true love for all.
We ask with genuine gratitude that you let it be so.

Remember life's sweetness, that we have so much to learn from peace.

Peace spreads as we smile together.

We find peace as we embrace life and truth opens our heart to receive liberation.

Peace comes with knowing that life is far more than what we can see, smell, taste, hear and touch.

To feel truly embraced in love.

We achieve peace through understanding, as we are gently guided all the way into the truth.

When we do what is loving, we gain the feeling of peace and serenity that comes with loving.

We have been taught to ask for your name to be glorified, let your ruling be actual and to let your will be done here on Earth.

In asking this, we are asking for love, for the truth about love, for the intelligence to see this truth and for the justice that all are included. We are asking for healing, for health and for Humanity to blissfully enjoy life together in eternal peace.

I hope that today, all will join Humanity. To prosper here on Earth.

Please Yahweh,
Let your name be glorified.
Let your sovereignty be in effect.
We ask that your will be done for all life on Earth.

Please forgive us and remind us to forgive each other.

Remind us that forgiveness liberates us, to turn our eyes to your invitation and show us your promise.

Safely guide each human all the way into the truth, by your loving grace.

Keep us safely in your embrace.

Show us how to motivate our activity with generosity.

Show us how to fill our intent with kindness.

Show us how to inspire our attitude with gratitude.

Let our innermost nature shine and show us how to saturate our existence with peace.

Keep our intuition clear and our conscience clean.
So that we may live and so that we may love.

I trust you.
Thank you.