I nurture my existence and journey to truly live in the actual reality as a Human being.

I indulge in all that I find is nurturing and healthful.

This has healed me and I keep healing.

I eat mostly plant based, all organic or wild, with aim to eat naturally grown, sunripe, fresh and clean, Human intended nutrition.

I have been living with a purpose every moment, every day for days.
The purpose being to reach life together, such that our existence promotes planet health, life and Humanity. That our existence generates a surplus in value through our progress towards a worthy ideal. To thrive in this loving existence.

Wealth means there is fresh air, clean water and lush living conditions with healthy foods in abundance. It means sensible housing and an abundance in health, warmth, friendliness and community. This is naturally self-regulating, basic Human justice.

We need nutritious, clean, sun-ripe and fresh, Human-intended foods.
Natural stillness and comfortable sound environments.

We need to live in a beautiful and meaningful existence.

Love is the key to well-being, success and life.
True unity comes when it is based in truth.
Truth is a very important component in emotional intelligence.
One key in love is exercising truthful thinking and to think in real, clear and accurate thoughts.
Emotional support, genetics, health, exercise, nutrition, sleep and experiences are all important to love.
A Human intended diet, rich in healing nutrition, is thus conducive to love, as it provides the body with all the required fundamentals for healthy living.
Our emotions are largely controlled through our faith, our evaluations of events, our perspective on possibility and our thinking. These all come from our relation with reality.
These aspects together, form our moment to moment thoughts as our feelings result from the messages we give ourselves, and share with each other.

I see every Human being born expecting love and guidance.
We best take firm grip on our opportunity to spread the blessings we call humane behavior and take pride in our need to care for one another.


Biology has clearly shown us the facts that Human beings are naturally and instinctively loving, generous, cooperative, mindful, purposeful, intelligent, nurturing, warm, caring, friendly and helpful. By divine guidance, we are all through healthy in our venture as capable custodians for the life on this amazingly beautiful planet we call our home.

We Humans all have the original, instinctive inclination to believe in the humane in each other; to joyfully expect that everyone will behave cooperatively and vitally important: lovingly. This is because we have an instinctively cooperative and loving heritage as nurturing is the primal mover in Human development.

As we heal:
We feel curious about new people.
We enjoy meeting new people.
We tend to ask many questions.
We have a genuine interest in each other.
We know our strengths and joyfully seek to contribute.
We have great focus, awareness and attention.
We instinctively get along with fellow Human beings.
We find satisfaction in effective relationships.
We care deeply about being good and moral beings.
We effectively communicate through body and facial language to the benefit of our common wellbeing.
We forgive quickly and recover quickly.
We care for each other, for truth and to realize a worthy ideal for life.

It is a great gift to let love in.

We have the natural longing to unite in fulfilling the opportunities we have on this amazing planet.

The most wonderful and joyous prospect is that we all, as one Humanity in coherence with life and our loving creator, come home together into peace, our original state to be.

When we know that reality is conscious, we also need to come home to peacefully align with our common Human nature.
This is a set direction which we are all created with, the ideal circumstances for our existence.

To develop a permanent cultivation of land, as a food forest, we only need up to 30 years. We then have a multi-layered, living ecology with animals, light requiring canopy trees, shade tolerant trees that give shelter to the understory, bushes, herbaceous plants, ground cover, climbing vegetation and root crops.

We want consciously designed, agriculturally productive ecosystems, which have the same diversity, stability and resilience as natural ecosystems.

When we're looking at involvement with nature, we'll usually start with life giving water, then accessibility and structural positions. The focus is on soil production and soil health, to continuously promote the earth for abundant production. This is done by feeding the life and to promote prosperous living conditions.

We look at events around us and integrate our natural Human perception with nature over a period of time.
It's a natural, intuitive Human state that we enter to observe relevant elements as we're connecting with a landscape. Both brain hemispheres are in a cooperative flow as nature is getting us into a zone where we're receiving insight.

Patterns emerge in the process of approaching nature, the relationship with creation, of observation, experience and involvement.

We see the sunrise and the sunset and that the path of the sun changes every day throughout the year.
We notice the patterns of the prevailing winds, such as the cold, hot winds and the wind that brings rain.
There are patterns of water flow on the landscape and the pattern of the landscape itself.
These are all patterns that we connect to and adapt in relation to.

They are already present and as we persist in observing and receiving, reaching into efficiency and connectivity, patterns emerge as obvious, almost like layers.

This process goes on into eternity.

A land in abundance means it produces more value than what is required as upkeep.
Enough in surplus to create, build, establish and maintain an ecosystem over its components' lifetimes.
This is a minimum criteria for sustainability.

This includes replacing its components over their lifetimes.

The indicator in ecosystems is living soil.
In most natural systems, soil is increased in quality and quantity.
When we look at the soil creation in nature, the highest soil enrichment and generation is actually under water in the ecosystems of the shallow marine systems. The second highest soil creation is in shallow lakes and ponds. The third hierarchy regarding soil creation is in the perennial systems of forests. Then comes the grasslands, where there are large herds of animals moving with seasonal rain. These grasslands mainly have herbaceous plants.
The opportunity for Human integration with nature is a nurturing interaction for prosperity.
This engagement needs to be with deep-rooted, long living ecosystems of diversity.

This needs to be easy.

So that every Human who wants to live in favor of planetary health, for life, for love, truth, justice, wisdom, presence, health, bliss, peace and Humanity can do this.

For all which is healthful and worth living for.

Cleaning the body from within, healing, attaining clarity of mind and to be released into reality needs to be easily accessible.

We need to make the earth beautiful, fertile and sprouting with life.

Cultivating land with the purpose to align with the natural forces acting on it. Guiding the living conditions to thrive, so that nature and life may prosper.
To spread knowledge freely.
So that we fulfill our purpose here; as Human beings, designed to be loving custodians for life on this planet.

We are Humanity.