Make a total commitment to the relationship together, look each other in the eyes every morning and night
Communicate openly and honestly without ever expecting your spouse to read your mind
Seek first to understand each other rather than to prolong arousal
Be present and share a proper kiss every time you see each other
Set reasonable standards (such that are a foundation for reason)
Replace secret or private interests with shared interests
Let Universal Human needs come first and connect you
Accept complete responsibility for your own behavior
See the best in each other and believe in each other
Remember why you chose each other, talk about it
Learn and talk about the important aspects in life
Treat each other as the most important human
Care for each others' body, mind and health
Make the mundane enjoyable together
Continually uplift and love each other
Develop shared goals; a shared vision
Visualize each other as ideal humans
Spend quality time with each other
Continually encourage each other
Listen attentively to each other
Give each other acts of service
Have intimate sex together
Forgive early and often
Apologize for mistakes
Ask for what you need
Accept differences
Meditate together
Exercise together
Read together
Host together
Pray together
Heal together
Spa together
Eat together
Love truly